Lockdown 2020

The Lockdown Block (Limited print 500)
A3 – R950
A2 – R1 300
A1 – R1 600

Lockdown 2020, remember that? No slip-slops (flip-flops to the rest of you) no cigarettes or alcohol! We ran rings around our flats and gardens, we brewed our own beer and grew our own ‘smokes’  We took up painting and music and various other creative endeavors, we zoomed, we groomed, we clapped our hands and sang from our balconies, but most of all, we overcame. This limited edition archival print is the perfect memento, lest we forget what we all went through in the 2020 Lockdown. 
Printed using a 12 colour fine art Epson printer with pigment ink on 210gsm HP Matte paper. Each print is hand signed and numbered 1 to 500 and comes with a letter of authenticity.

Each print is signed and numbered and comes with a letter of authenticity.

All prints shipped in post rolls.  Postnet to Postnet within South Africa R100 postage. 
Contact gavin.thomson2@gmail to order or get a quote.